Top 5 Causes of House Fires


1. Kitchen & Cooking Stats: 164,500 residential cooking fires occur each year, and account for 40-45% of all residential building fires. Cooking fires are the leading cause of residential building fires. Most fires happen when an oven or a stove is left unattended, people are distracted, or a pot or pan overheats – it only takes a few seconds for a fire to start. 2. Heating Equipment Stats: 50,100 heating fires occur each year, and 30% of heating fires occur

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Your Child – and School Safety

School safety tips from All-Guard Alarm Systems

You have regular fire and emergency drills at home, and taught your children to shout “Stranger Danger” if they are approached by someone they don’t know. However, protecting their children from acts of violence at school is the main cause of worry for most parents. Outside of the home, school is still the safest place for your child. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to make your child’s school an ever safer place. Visitors Check with the school if

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