Barbecue Safety

All-Guard Alarm Systems BBQ Safety

You’ve invited family and friends over for a barbecue, you’ve spent all day shopping and chopping, and you’ve dug out your treasured “BBQ Master” apron. Everyone is now gathered in your backyard, enjoying themselves and just waiting for the steaks, burgers, and vegetables to be cooked – by you, the BBQ Master. What could possibly go wrong!? Well, actually – a lot can go wrong. Very wrong. Gas grills carry the highest risk, causing an average of 7,100 home fires

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Wireless Home Security Makes Fourth of July Safer


Once a wireless home security system is installed and the alarm monitoring service is active, many homeowners become complacent and don’t continue considering the potential dangers to their family and home. That lack of preparation can lead to some big problems, particularly during peak trouble seasons, such as the summer months. During this time, people tend to spend a lot of time outdoors where there’s usually less prevention in place, and participate in activities that seem mundane and are easy

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Tips for Easier – and Safer – Moving

easier and safer moving with All-Guard Alarm Systems

Congratulations on your new home! Moving into a new home is both exciting and exhausting. No doubt you feel stressed just thinking of all the things you need to do: research moving companies; notify PG&E, the cable company, and the phone company of your new address; make sure that you have enough boxes etc. etc. These less common tips will hopefully make your move easier – and safer: Before you move in to your new home, change all the door

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Your Clothes Dryer – a Ticking Fire Bomb?

Clothes Dryer Lint Trap

It’s one of the most common household appliances in US homes and also one of the most common causes of household fires. Yes, your clothes dryer can cause a lot of damage. Every year across the US, an estimated 15,600 homes are damaged because of clothes dryer fires, with the leading cause being lint build-up inside the dryer or in the exhaust vents. Statistics show that dryer fires cause 15 fatalities, 400 injuries, and over $200 million in direct property

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How to Stay Up-to-Date on Crimes in your Neighborhood


Online crime reports keep you informed about crimes in and around your neighborhood and work as a partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Most crime report websites allow you to sign up for customizable email or text message alerts and will send you a mix of crime notifications, sex-offender registry updates, and general public safety announcements as they happen. Some crime reports will also allow you to sign up for multiple locations so you can receive

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