Your Clothes Dryer – a Ticking Fire Bomb?

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It’s one of the most common household appliances in US homes and also one of the most common causes of household fires. Yes, your clothes dryer can cause a lot of damage.

Every year across the US, an estimated 15,600 homes are damaged because of clothes dryer fires, with the leading cause being lint build-up inside the dryer or in the exhaust vents.

Statistics show that dryer fires cause 15 fatalities, 400 injuries, and over $200 million in direct property damage each year.

Clothes dryer fires generally happen when the filter is not cleaned regularly causing lint built-up. The lint blockage will prevent the hot air escaping thus allowing the heat to build up and ignite the lint. Lint build-up can also cause less than efficient venting resulting in the dryer itself overheating.

To prevent clothes dryer fires, clean out the filter in your dryer after each load and have your exhaust vents professionally cleaned every few months.

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