Keep Safe in the Summer Months with Wireless Home Security and Common Sense


Crime rates can increase up to 16% during the summer months. While reasons for this occurrence are still in question, it can most likely be attributed to summertime opportunities, careless homeowners and youths and young adults with too much unstructured free time. Homeowners can easily adopt a carefree attitude during the summertime and burglars are not keeping warm indoors. With a few common sense solutions and alarm monitoring services, homeowners can keep their homes and their families safe. Windows In

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California Fire and Safety by All-Guard


California fire and safety has come to the forefront recently due to a spike in deadly residential fires and statistics that indicate a woeful lack of even basic protection, such as smoke alarms. Fire prevention and detection are serious concerns for homeowners in San Francisco and throughout California. Ideally, prevention and detection measures should be integrated into the monitored, whole-house system used to protect one’s family and investments from burglary and other common residential threats. National Fire Protection Association The

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Keep your Home Safe while on Vacation


Hush-Hush – as tempting as it is to Instagram and Facebook all the high points and low points of your vacation, you might want to wait until you get home. Nothing signals “my house is empty” like real-time pictures of your family having dinner at a waterfront restaurant in Hawaii. Tell only key people of your travel plans before you leave, and don’t broadcast your vacation pictures to the world until you’re back home.Keep it Light– to give the impression

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