Tips for Easier – and Safer – Moving

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Congratulations on your new home! Moving into a new home is both exciting and exhausting.

No doubt you feel stressed just thinking of all the things you need to do: research moving companies; notify PG&E, the cable company, and the phone company of your new address; make sure that you have enough boxes etc. etc.

These less common tips will hopefully make your move easier – and safer:

  • Before you move in to your new home, change all the door locks as you never know who will otherwise still have access
  • Instead of stressing before the move attempting to separate your belongings into ‘donate’, ‘keep’, and ‘sell’, wait until after you have moved into your new home when you will have plenty of time to leisurely go through all your items
  • Mark the contents directly on each box with a permanent marker; if your packing list gets lost during the move, you won’t be stuck with 137 numbered boxes and not a clue what is in them
  • In addition to writing “MISC. KITCHEN” and “FAMILY ROOM” on your boxes, include what is in each box such as “white dinner plates” and “candle sticks and blankets” for easier unpacking
  • Put colored stickers on the doors into each room and matching stickers on the boxes so that the movers can easily see that yellow boxes go in the bedroom, blue boxes in the dining room etc.
  • Keep important documents such as passports, birth certificates, and medical cards in a separate bag and keep the bag with you, not the mover
  • Don’t pack any essential tools as you will need them for hanging pictures, re-assemble furniture, and possible repair jobs
  • Also leave out cleaning products, gloves, and trash bags in case of spills or if you need to do some cleaning before you can put away the furniture

And last but not least, remember to call All-Guard so we can protect your new home as soon as you move in.

Enjoy your new – and safe – home.

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