Bathroom Safety Tips

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Our bathroom is our ‘safe haven’ – the place for hot bubble-baths after a stressful day and long showers after a strenuous workout. But do you know that outside of the kitchen, the bathroom is the place in your home that poses most threats to the safety of you and your family?

In a few easy steps, you can truly make your bathroom a safe haven:

Place slip resistant mats inside your tub and shower to prevent slipping, and install a handrail to help you get out of the tub. Never grab onto the soap dish, towel bar, or faucet to help you get in and out.

Place water absorbent mats outside your tub and shower and mop up any water that may have splashed onto the bathroom floor. To prevent slips and falls, make sure that your feet are completely dry before stepping onto the floor tiles.

Pick up wet towels, wash cloths, and children’s bath toys from the floor as they can cause slip and fall accidents.

Studies show that most children are able to open child-proof bottles, sometimes in mere seconds, so make sure that your medicine cabinet is under lock and key. Sharp objects such as scissors, tweezers, and razors should also be kept locked away.

Put away any electrical appliances when they are not in use and never place any plugged-in appliances near water. One false move and you or a member of your family could get electrocuted.

Store cleaning supplies – as well as nail polish removers – in a locked cabinet if you have children in your house. Your bottle of shampoo might not look all that different from your tile cleaner to curious children.

Each year, excessively hot tap water causes 3,800 injuries and 34 deaths in homes across the US. Set the thermostat at your water heater at or below 120°F and check out your local home improvement store for anti-scalding faucets.

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