Alarm Monitoring Services Offer Homeowners the Most Protection

When you’re making the decision to protect your home, family and valuables with a home security system, you will have to decide if a monitored system is beneficial for your situation. When doing so, consider the added security value and peace of mind of incorporating a home security system monitoring service with your alarm system. Following are some of its benefits. A standard alarm system includes an alarm that produces a high pitched siren sound when a fire breaks out

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Alarm Keypad 101


Make Friends with your All-Guard Keypad No doubt you use your alarm keypad every day. Every time you leave your home, you arm your alarm system, and when you get back home, the first thing you do is disarm it. But do you know the difference between “Away”, “Stay”, and “Instant” on your keypad – and do you know how to bypass the guest bedroom because your guests like to sleep with the window open? Below is an overview of

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