What Small Businesses Need to Know About Commercial Security Systems

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When it comes to the livelihood of their companies, small business owners want to know they’re protected. It’s important to make sure property, contents, staff, and customers are secure and the installation of commercial security systems is an effective way to ensure a business has adequate protection. However, many questions are sure to arise about what components should be included and how to afford them. With research, savvy and All-Guard Alarm Systems, small business owners can find commercial security systems that are a perfect fit their unique needs. Here are a few tips for small business owners with questions about California security systems:

Advantages of a Comprehensive Security System

When business owners choose wisely, they can benefit from a security system with surveillance that guards the property from risk of theft, fraud, violence, harassment, break-ins and vandalism. A commercial security system means that you can have extra eyes watching the site, parking lot, inventory and individuals at all times. These types of security measures can help manage and improve your business’s reputation among patrons.

Scope out the Area

Talk to the neighbors and other business owners, big and small. Find out what their biggest complaints are and what tactics work for them when it comes to California security systems. Learn about crime statistics in the area and if a neighborhood watch is standing guard as well. Take note of police presence in the area. Heightened security is vital in areas that are heavily populated and more open to risk. However, even businesses in remote, isolated locations would benefit from a security system as well. Otherwise, help might not make it in time in the event of an emergency. With a monitored security system in place, authorities and owners are notified immediately when there is a threat or incident.

Consider Your Business Hour Needs

Look up the crime statistics in your area and pay attention to the times of day (or night) property and violent crimes typically occur. How does that overlap with your business and closed hours? If a small business is being run during the night hours or very early in the morning, it could fall prey to different criminal activity than if it were being run during the day, so make sure your security system reflects that.

Think About Valuables

Any business, regardless of the size, needs to take additional security measures if there is a great deal of cash or expensive inventory on the premises. Small businesses that handle large sums of cash are at a greater risk of fraud and employee theft. Consider if added security such as video surveillance, access control, asset protection, and panic alarms would be an appropriate security measure for your business.

All-Guard has options; we understand how much work goes into maintaining a business, so talk to one of our security professionals today to configure a system that best meets your unique needs and budget. You can’t afford to go without.

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