Know Your Crime Stats and How They Can Help Protect You

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A burglary occurs every 15 seconds. With crime rates like that, it’s paramount that homeowners take a proactive approach to protecting their families and safeguarding their valuables. Here’s a look at the current statistics and what they mean for protecting your home.

Good Security Habits

If residents don’t practice basic security habits, such as ensuring that all doors and first-level windows are locked before leaving the premises, they’re putting themselves at risk. Be sure not to make any extension ladders or similar items easily accessible; burglars can use them to access an unlocked higher-level window. Even if you have the best home security system, make the fundamentals and awareness into habits.

Protect Your Valuables

During the average burglary, thieves spend 10 minutes in the home. Ten minutes can seem like a lifetime, but when you think about it, it’s not actually a lot of time to locate and compromise safes and other security containers, so be sure to equip your home with these items for valuable property. It also helps if those items are big and heavy; most burglars simply won’t have the time to lug them out to the getaway vehicle.

Homes with California Security Systems

Nearly 70 percent of burglars gain entry (or attempt to gain entry) by using force, but having a security system helps prevent against these violations. Likewise, the remaining 30 percent of home invasion comes from leaving doors and windows unlocked, indicating that homeowners need to be especially careful to set their alarms. By setting your home alarm, it will alert you if there are any security breaches.

Monitored Service

Monitored Security systems are watched around the clock by a central station. Monitoring ensures that someone is notified when the burglary occurs and can respond immediately, even if the homeowner is not home. In the vast majority of cases where a burglary is reported while the break-in is in process, the police are able to apprehend the criminals and return stolen items to the family.


The unfortunate news is that the majority of burglaries go unsolved, but investing in surveillance cameras can make a big difference. In fact, when police have the video evidence available to them, the chances of solving the case increases three-fold.

Remote Access

Remote access is a very powerful feature that lets you manage the system from a smartphone or other wireless device. With remote access, you can ensure that all doors and windows are locked even after you’ve arrived at work and the kids are in school. If you have surveillance cameras, remote access will even allow you to watch feeds from them wherever you have Internet access.

A Lived-In Appearance

Most burglars target homes where occupants are not present, so a great way to make the best home security system even better is to create the lived-in appearance all the time. Doing so is as simple as leaving some lights and the television on, and with home automation, it’s even possible for you take a more natural and believable approach. That’s particularly important while on vacation because burglars can spot the patterns created by timers.

Social Media Awareness

Many providers of California security systems have sent alerts to their customers warning them of a growing trend in crime: Burglars are targeting neighborhoods based on the information gleaned from Facebook and other social network websites. Be very careful about the kind of information you distribute on public channels online.

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