Thanksgiving Fire & Safety Tips

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Thanksgiving is a day for food, family, and football. Add to the mix a house full of excited children, over-zealously helpful adults, a 16-pound turkey that needs stuffing and hours of cooking – and it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is also the leading day for kitchen accidents and cooking fires.

With all the additional people in the kitchen carrying hot dishes, working with knives, and opening drawers and cabinets, colliding can pose a much more serious risk than just a sore shoulder. Instruct all your helpers to be aware of their surroundings and designate a work area for each one.

Make sure that anyone working in the kitchen avoids wearing loose clothing that can easily catch fire or high-heeled shoes that can cause slipping.

Turn the handles of your pots and pans inwards to prevent knocking over a hot pot that can cause scalding, and don’t leave glass lids on the stove as the heat can cause them to explode. Keep the area around the stove clear of flammable items such as pot holders, food packaging, and papers.

Stay in the kitchen while cooking, and don’t leave your stove or oven unattended – often all the extra people in the kitchen prove more of a distraction than a help.

If you use an outdoor turkey fryer, keep it away from fences, trees, or other objects that can catch fire. Place it on a hard surface to avoid it tipping over and spilling hot oil. Indoor electric turkey fryers are safer than outdoor fryers; however, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to avoid any fires – inside or outside.

A decorated front-porch or dining table brightens up Thanksgiving for everyone, just make sure not to place any lit candles near paper decorations or other flammable items.

Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen in case of emergency, and teach your family how to use it. Check it regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly.

If you have people staying over for one night or more, make sure that there are smoke detectors in all sleeping areas and that they are in working order. Also instruct your overnight guests not to open any windows or doors until you have turned off your alarm system. Nothing wakes up the entire house quite like the burglar alarm blaring at 6.30am.

If you will be spending the holidays away from home, All-Connect from All-Guard allows you to keep an eye on your home with indoor and outdoor cameras and manage your alarm system, lighting, and thermostat remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

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With a few rules and some safety precautions, Thanksgiving can be a fun and memorable day for everyone.

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