Holiday Safety Tips

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You know not to place lit candles near curtains and holiday decorations, not to carry large amounts of cash while mall shopping, and not to drive while on the phone. But you might not be aware of some of the lesser known safety tips that can protect you and your family from potential disasters:


Candles generate a lot of heat so allow a gap of at least 2 ft. above a lit candle
Thoroughly remove all labels and wrapping before lighting candles
Place metal candle holders on a heat resistant surface to prevent burning the under-surface
Don’t place lit candles near flammable gases or liquids
Only place lit candles in glass holders and containers made for candles. Glass holders not made specifically for candles can easily explode resulting in fire


Place a card in your child’s pocket with the their name and your contact information in case you get separated
Don’t get into an elevator alone with someone who makes you uncomfortable
Use only mall restrooms near the food court and avoid those tucked away down long corridors
Keep your car and house-keys, driver’s license, and cell phone in your inside jacket pockets so if someone steals your purse, you are not stranded without means of communication and transportation
When shopping, never leave your purse unattended. Never leave it hanging at the back of your restaurant seat or in the child seat of a shopping cart. Keep your purse close to your body at all times and make sure that it is fully closed

On the Road:

Don’t advertise on social media that you won’t be at home but do tell a trusted friend about your travel plans
Bring food, drinks, and blankets in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with your travel plans
Fill the gas tank during the day and avoid using poorly lit gas stations if you need to fill up after dark
Keep phone chargers and cables inside the car so you don’t have to stop and open the trunk on a busy roadside
Bring plenty of wet wipes and anti-motion sickness medication if you’re traveling with anyone prone to motion sickness. Check with your doctor before giving any medication to children

Your Home: If you have guests staying over for the holidays, make sure that all your smoke alarms and CO detectors are in working order. If going away, keep an eye on your home with All-Connect cameras and control your lighting and temperatures with All-Connect lifestyle automation.

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