Protect Your Loved Ones – Even When You’re Not There

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February is the month of love and romance and with Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, many couples choose to go away for a romantic weekend or enjoy an extended romantic dinner at a restaurant. However, nothing spoils the romance more than worrying about your home, your children, or your pets while you’re away.

With the camera feature from All-Guard’s All-Connect, you can watch live streaming video of everything that goes on inside and outside your home – from anywhere at any time.

If your children are old enough to be home alone, you can watch or get notified when they leave and when they come home. With an outdoor camera you can even get notified if someone approaches your home thus allowing you to let your children or babysitter know not to open the door while you remotely arm your alarm system.

Worrying about your children leaving the front door unlocked? With All-Connect you can remotely lock or unlock your front door which also allows you to open your door for the babysitter or the pet sitter without having to give them a key to your home.

All-Connect also lets you remotely manage your lights, your thermostat controls, even your garage door.

From your smartphone or tablet, you can easily make your home look occupied by turning the lights on and off at different times.

Call All-Guard today to learn more about All-Connect and enjoy a worry-free Valentine’s Day Weekend.

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