Change your Clocks – Change your Batteries

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On March 9, daylight savings time begins and it’s time to spring forward and change all your clocks! After you have successfully reset the time on your ovens and in your cars – with some help from the instruction manuals – it’s time to change the batteries in your non-monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Across the US, over 2,500 people die in house fires each year and with most fires occurring at night time, your smoke detectors are no doubt among the most vital devices you can have in your home. Changing the batteries can be a life saver – but it can also be quite the task dragging the ladder around every six months making sure that all your smoke detectors and CO detectors are operable.

All-Guard’s monitored smoke and CO detectors contain lithium batteries that last 3-5 years. In addition, our detectors are monitored round the clock by our central station who will notify you as soon as the batteries start running low. We will also notify you when your CO detectors reach their end-of-life which is at 5 years.

Non-monitored, battery operated life-saving devices, such as those purchased in home improvement stores, are rarely interconnected with other detectors, so if a device starts sounding on a different level than the bedroom level, the likelihood that it will wake up you or your family members is greatly diminished. All-Guard’s monitored detectors provide the best fire protection whether you’re at home or away!

Contact us today at 800.255.4273800.255.4273 and learn how our monitored smoke detectors and CO detectors can help prevent accidents and help save lives.

Note: All batteries are considered hazardous waste in California when they are discarded, and must be recycled or taken to a household waste disposal facility or an authorized recycling facility.

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