Six Strategic Places for Storing Fire Extinguishers in Your Home

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Professionally monitored smoke detectors are by far the best way to prevent a major fire-related disaster. And as time is your worst enemy when it comes to fires, strategically placed all-purpose fire extinguishers around your home can prevent small fires from spreading.

According to the U.S. National Safety Council, each home should have at least one fire extinguisher readily available.

Kitchen: cooking causes 46% of reported home fires each year.

Master Bedroom: the bedroom is the #1 location of origin of fatal fires.

Living Room: the living room, family room, and den are the #2 location for fatal fires.

Garage: leftover paint, solvents, gas canisters, and oil containers can be extremely flammable, especially around tools that can give off sparks.

Laundry Room: trapped lint filters and exhaust vents cause an estimated 2,900 clothes dryer fires in residential buildings each year.

Grill/Patio: hot coals and built up grease are common causes for grill fires that can quickly spread to the deck or the house.

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