Summer Safety Checklist for your Home

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SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and it’s probably as good a time as ever to give your home a “health check” before your weekends will be spent barbecuing, traveling, or just resting in the shade.

House Number: An emergency is not the right time to play hide and seek with the police, the fire department, or the paramedics. Make sure that your house number is clearly visible from the street; ideally it should be displayed both on your house and on the curb in front of your house.

Stronger Door Locks: A deadbolt lock will work on your front door, garage door, and side and back doors. Contact All-Guard for more information about our touch panel electronic door locks that you can control from your mobile device. Consult your home improvement store for special safety locks for sliding doors.

Front Door Peep Hole: A peep hole in your front door will allow you to view anyone approaching your front door and let you easily determine whether you should open the door or not.

Reinforce your Doors: If you have hollow exterior doors, replace them with doors made of fiberglass, solid wood, or solid wood core (a layer of veneer over solid wood). If you change any of your exterior doors, please contact All-Guard to make sure that your door contacts are still functioning.

Outdoor Lights: Replace outdoor light bulbs before they burn out to avoid leaving the outside of your house in darkness after sunset. Make sure all your light bulbs are the correct wattage and size for the socket they’re in. For added security, consider installing exterior motion activated lighting.

Windows: Check your windows for imperfections in the glass and any loosening or wear of the frame or hardware. Check the locks and screens to make sure they’re in proper working order.

Bushes & Trees: Trim bushes, trees, and shrubbery near windows and doors to ensure that entry points can be clearly seen from the street. Also check that tree branches can’t be used as ‘ladders’ for the second floor.

All-Guard’s indoor and outdoor security cameras go a long way helping you and your family stay safe. Call us at 800.255.4273 for more information.

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