Tips for Safe Water Conservation

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With California experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record, most cities and counties throughout the Bay Area are calling for water conservation. Some counties have even mandated water restrictions such as limiting the amount of times you can water your lawn or wash your cars per week.

There are relatively simple measures for conserving water that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. You can find amazing information online with websites such as offering tips on how to preserve water, before and during a drought.

How to conserve water inside and outside your home:

  • Reuse water whenever possible – water from boiling vegetables, rice, and pasta can be used for watering your yard
  • Repair dripping faucets and leaky plumbing
  • Install aerators with flow restrictors on household faucets, and install low-flow shower heads
  • Instead of flushing tissues and other paper products down the toilet, put them in the trash
  • Compost food instead of putting it down the kitchen sink disposal, which uses a lot of water
  • Take shorter showers and turn off the water while you soap up, then turn it back on to rinse
  • Don’t let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth, washing vegetables, or thawing meat
  • Capture the water in a bucket while waiting for tap water to run either hot or cold
  • Only run full loads of dishes and laundry
  • Lawns need only an inch of water per week. Watering in the early morning or evening will prevent water from being lost to evaporation from the heat
  • Make sure sprinklers aren’t watering the sidewalk or other areas that don’t need the water
  • Watch your hoses when you’re watering: a garden hose can discharge an amazing 600 gallons of water in only a few hours
  • Instead of planting thirsty vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees, put in native and drought-tolerant plants that, once established, can survive with less water
  • Plant a drought-tolerant lawn, and don’t over-fertilize it – too much fertilizer can increase the lawn’s need for water
  • Raise your lawn mower blade to its highest level – a higher cut encourages grass roots to grow deep, holds soil moisture, and shades the root system from the hot sun
  • Install soaker hoses or a drip irrigation system that waters more efficiently
  • Cover pools and hot tubs to reduce water evaporation

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