DIY Security System vs. Professional Security System: Pros and Cons

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With so many technological advances in the last decade, there are many choices for home security. Both professionals security systems and DIY systems offer improved home security, convenience, and remote smartphone access. How can you decide witch system to choose? Let’s compare: DIY Security Systems vs. Professional Security Systems.

DIY Home Security Systems


  • No Installation Fees- Your labor is free! With DIY home security systems, you save money by only paying for the security devices, not for professional setup.
  • Portable System- Wireless home security systems can be taken with you if you move. A good option for renters.
  • Scheduling- You do not have to plan to be home to complete the installation. Install your security system whenever you want, whether that is 2am or on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Pick and Choose- Perhaps you just want a single camera or smart lock. Or you might want security alarm systems in each room. You are choosing, buying, and installing, so all of your choices are a la cart.


  • Lack of Monitoring- Professional monitoring services can send the police or fire department right to your home, even if you are incapacitated or away. DIY home security systems send alerts to your phone. This is useless if your phone is off, out of power, or out of service. Imagine getting out of a movie or off a flight and finding an alert that your home is on fire. A professional security company would have sent the fire department right away.
  • Setup- There is a reason that security companies exist. They have years of experience installing security systems. While most wireless home security systems are fairly easy to set up, you can run into problems for larger homes because of range limitations.
  • Lack of Security Expertise- Security experts can identify vulnerable areas and offer solutions.
  • Help- What happens when something goes wrong or your system stops working? If you have a professionals security company, you have access to customer service and technicians. DIY means you are on your own.

Professional Security Systems


  • Professional Monitoring- Professional security systems with monitoring services watch over your home 24 hours a day, even if you are on vacation, on a flight, or in a meeting. That means the monitoring center can send police or fire help to your home in case of an emergency. DIY systems usually alert your phone in the event of an alarm but cannot automatically call the police or fire department in an emergency.
  • Expert Set Up- Setting up a home security system is not always simple and the larger your home is, the more complicated it gets. With a professional security company, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that it the system is set up correctly, and you’ll save the time and hassle of trying to set it up yourself.
  • Professional Advice- A security expert will be able to tell you exactly what security devices you need and where to place them.
  • Customer Service- Professional security systems come with customers service support at no extra cost. If something malfunctions, they’ll usually repair or replace it at no cost.


  • Monitoring Costs Money- not exactly a surprise, but monitoring comes with a monthly service charge. While it is not too expensive, usually less than a cable bill, this can be a problem for some people.
  • Set Up Appointment- You will have to schedule a setup appointment with a security professional. This can be a problem if you have very little time or an unpredictable work schedule.

Both a DIY Security System and a Professional Security System will offer improved home security versus not having a security system at all. Only a professionally monitored security system can adequately protect your home when you are on busy, on vacation, or otherwise away from your smartphone. All-Guard offers professional home and business security systems Bay Area residents count on for dependability.

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