How to Change the Battery in an Alarm System

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We’ll show you how to change the battery in an alarm system so that your system can be fully functional, even during a power outage. How will you know if you need to change your alarm system battery? You’ll see a low battery warning on your alarm’s touchpad. It typically says LOW BAT, BAT or SYSTEM LO BAT. You might also hear a beeping noise to alert you that the battery needs to be replaced.

Your alarm system’s battery supplies power to the alarm system in the event of a power outage. These batteries are durable and last quite a long time, but will eventually need to be replaced. Batteries typically last three to five years. After this time, they will start to loose capacity and fall under 80% of their original power. This means that they would not be able to run as long. With only 5 steps, replacing a burglar alarm battery is not difficult and you do not need any specialized electrical knowledge.

How to Change out your System Battery:

  1. Locate your alarm system’s control panel. The control panel it is often found in closet, but could also be in a basement or some other inconspicuous place. You’ll need to use your key to unlock the control panel door.
  2. Now look inside the control panel to see if the battery is a 7-amp battery or a 4-amp battery. It should display the amperage on the battery.
  3. Give All-Guard a call at (800)-255-4273 and tell us what amperage of battery you need. We will send you a replacement battery.
  4. When the new battery arrives, go back to the control panel and unlock it.
  5. Disconnect the leads from the old battery’s terminals, starting with the black lead first. This might require pliers.
  6. Take the old battery out of the control panel and set it aside. We have included recycling tips below.
  7. Reconnect the leads to the new battery’s terminals, matching the black lead to the black terminal and the red lead to the red terminal. The battery might have plastic covers that need to be removed first.
  8. Close the door and lock the control panel door. Make sure to put they key somewhere safe where you can easily find it again.

You are done! Congratulations on changing the alarm battery. Make sure to recycle the old battery. You can either take it to the landfill, or some auto parts stores offer free battery recycling programs. Find your nearest free battery drop off recycling location at

Remember, if you have any questions about how to change out your system battery, call All-Guard and our friendly team members will be happy to help guide you through the steps. Now you know how to change the battery in an alarm system and can ensure that your home’s alarm system functions properly even during a storm or other power outage. For more home safety and alarm system tips, see the All-Guard blog.

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