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Advantages of a Wireless Home Security Device

In today’s market of burglar alarm monitoring systems, you can get very basic systems that are tripped by motion, setting off an alarm, to fully equipped twenty four hour monitoring centers, as well as everything in between.  Before you decide what you want, first decide what you need. Consider the area you’re going to secure; are there buildings outside that need a home security product? How much security will you need? After you’ve answered those basic questions, then explore your options. Remember that spending more money doesn’t always mean superior performance.

A wireless home security system can meet very small needs to very large needs. The components can be many or few. So basically the only disadvantages of the wireless devices are the battery operation and possible interference with other radio signals.

This type of system works basically like a wired one, with respect to the communication between the base unit and the various components, how it differs is the way in which it communicates; via radio transmissions. Because there are no wires the installation is incredibly easy. No electrical leads, or wire stripping must be done. No circuit testing needed either. With very few tools or time, your system can be up and running within hours. If you have exotic materials in your home, like granite or marble, no destructive drilling will happen to those either. The mere notion of this is one reason wireless is becoming so popular.

Aside from the installation, another advantage is the incredible range that these home security devices have. With hundreds of feet, your secure zone can effectively be doubled. For homeowners with large properties or those looking to deploy a larger dragnet, this is the ultimate advantage. This type of advantage creates a vast, effective network.

Wireless is able to penetrate through walls and building materials that otherwise might be prohibitive to having a security network. Couple the basic components with additional sensors that transmit their own radio signal and create a “daisy-chain” that will allow for coverage of several acres. This is ideal for outbuildings on farms or ranches.

Another advantage is the battery system. While it does present a major problem if you don’t monitor the batteries, it’s a definite advantage over conventional systems, in that when your home’s electrical grid is compromised, your burglar alarm monitoring is not.  Conventional alarms have battery back-ups, typically it’s not something that you are in the habit of checking on a regular basis and those batteries go bad as well.

Overall, a wireless home security system is less costly to install, maintain and more flexible in it’s placement than that of a regular security system. With so few disadvantages, it might be a viable option to suit your needs.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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