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Alarm Monitoring Services Offer Homeowners the Most Protection

When you’re making the decision to protect your home, family and valuables with a home security system, you will have to decide if a monitored system is beneficial for your situation. When doing so, consider the added security value and peace of mind of incorporating a home security system monitoring service with your alarm system. Following are some of its benefits.
A standard alarm system includes an alarm that produces a high pitched siren sound when a fire breaks out or an intruder enters your premises. The alarm is loud enough for individuals in your home to hear, and it should alert you in case of an emergency. Also, the sound of the alarm may frighten away any intruders that have decided to target your home. Unfortunately, the safety factor of the system stops right there. No authorities are alerted, and you will have to manually call for help.
While non-monitored systems can be less expensive and easier to install up front, a little long-term thinking can waive that expense and convenience. An alarm monitoring service that alerts a central office in the event of an emergency is a higher grade alarm system, so it can pay to check with your insurance company or shop around with other insurance companies to fit this type of protection into your budget. Some insurance companies offer significant discounts for homes with monitored systems. In addition, consider the cost of your safety and ability to sleep at night with peace of mind. If you’re attacked by an intruder, are not home during the intrusion, or are away when a fire starts, a simple alarm may not be enough to protect your family and belongings, costing you much more in the long run.
An alarm monitoring service can offer 24-hour protection and can alert emergency units immediately after an alarm is triggered. This jumps up the safety factor a considerable amount and allows you to know that authorities will be contacted if flames break out in your home when you’re not present or a burglar decides to make you his victim.
A monitored system also has the advantage of combating alarm apathy. While an alarm is beneficial and alerts individuals that danger is present, false alarms and outside car alarms have a tendency to take people off of their guard. If a fire breaks out, there are just a handful of minutes before flames begin to spread. Quick contact with authorities ensures that help is on the way. Those precious minutes may be lost if you are escaping from flames and can't reach a phone.
A panic button is also a positive feature that gives a monitored system an advantage over one that doesn’t include monitoring. If you spot a fire before it reaches a smoke detector, a panic button can be pushed, and fire officials can be sent to your home immediately. Your address is kept on file by the monitoring service to save time in crucial situations.
For complete safety, home security system monitoring will allow you to know that help will be dispatched without you having to contact anyone and the added value of such systems can be immeasurable during an emergency.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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