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All-Guard Wishes You a Safe and Happy New Year

With the hustle and bustle of all the holiday shopping, cooking, and decorating almost behind us, we can now look forward to celebrating the New Year with friends and family.

Whether you are celebrating with a few friends in your home or attending “the party of the year”, it is important to make sure that you have all the safety checks in place.

Partying at Home Have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks at hand for your guests, and serve plenty of snacks so that no one is drinking on an empty stomach. Don’t leave unattended drinks sitting for too long, especially with children and pets around. Keep decorations and aerosol cans away from candles, and designate a place – preferably outside – if your guests smoke. And be prepared to have overnight guests in case they can’t make it home safely.

Pet Safety Make sure that all your pets are locked up safely and away from noise, party guests, alcoholic beverages, candles, and fireworks. Leave them in a separate room with plenty of food, water, toys, and a litter box for your cat. And make sure that their ID tags and microchips are up-to-date with your contact information.

Designate a Driver If you’re the one driving, don’t drink and drive! Keep an eye on your designated driver and make sure that s/he doesn’t drink any alcoholic drinks. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can impact the lives of too many people. Ideally, use public transportation or take a cab to and from your party destination.

Attending the Party of the Year Exercise caution when using cash or credits cards, and only bring credit cards with a limited value. Keep your wallet and purse with you at all times. Never leave your drink unattended – and don’t drink it if it smells or tastes odd. Before you exit the cab, make sure you don’t leave any of your possessions behind.

Fireworks Safety Check your local laws regarding fireworks; it might not be legal to shoot in the new year in your town. Wear eye protection when you light any fireworks, and always keep a bucket of water close by. Never re-light a “dud”, leave it for 20 minutes before soaking it in water. And only buy fireworks from a reputable vendor; don’t alter them or never attempt to make your own.

Have a great News Year’s Eve and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2013 from your trusted alarm company.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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