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Business Security Tips

Tips to keep your business safe

  • Provide adequate interior and exterior lighting. Make sure to illuminate outdoor areas around building and parking lots.
  • Install an obvious video surveillance system to serve as a prevention tactic.
  • Use a safe with a mechanism to make periodic drops during the day to minimize the amount of cash in registers. Immediately drop large bills into the safe.
  • Use background checks to screen all employees before hiring.
  • Train new hires about security and safety practices.
  • Install silent alarms in case of hold-ups.
  • Instruct employees to be the first line of defense in loss prevention by greeting or acknowledging every customer that enters the store.
  • Install window locks designed and positioned so they cannot be reached and unlocked after breaking the glass.
  • Install safety glass (glazing). It is highly effective at deterring break-ins.
  • Install a deadbolt lock/latch in each exterior door.
  • Lock overhead and receiving doors with high-quality padlocks.


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