DIY Security System vs. Professional Security System: Pros and Cons

DIY Security System vs. Professional Security System - Pros and Cons | All Guard Alarm

With so many technological advances in the last decade, there are many choices for home security. Both professionals security systems and DIY systems offer improved home security, convenience, and remote smartphone access. How can you decide witch system to choose? Let’s compare: DIY Security Systems vs. Professional Security Systems. DIY Home Security Systems Pros: No Installation Fees- Your labor is free! With DIY home security systems, you save money by only paying for the security devices, not for professional setup.

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Wireless Home Security Makes Fourth of July Safer


Once a wireless home security system is installed and the alarm monitoring service is active, many homeowners become complacent and don’t continue considering the potential dangers to their family and home. That lack of preparation can lead to some big problems, particularly during peak trouble seasons, such as the summer months. During this time, people tend to spend a lot of time outdoors where there’s usually less prevention in place, and participate in activities that seem mundane and are easy

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Keep Safe in the Summer Months with Wireless Home Security and Common Sense


Crime rates can increase up to 16% during the summer months. While reasons for this occurrence are still in question, it can most likely be attributed to summertime opportunities, careless homeowners and youths and young adults with too much unstructured free time. Homeowners can easily adopt a carefree attitude during the summertime and burglars are not keeping warm indoors. With a few common sense solutions and alarm monitoring services, homeowners can keep their homes and their families safe. Windows In

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