How to Change the Battery in an Alarm System

We’ll show you how to change the battery in an alarm system so that your system can be fully functional, even during a power outage. How will you know if you need to change your alarm system battery? You’ll see a low battery warning on your alarm’s touchpad. It typically says LOW BAT, BAT or SYSTEM LO BAT. You might also hear a beeping noise to alert you that the battery needs to be replaced. Your alarm system’s battery supplies

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DIY Security System vs. Professional Security System: Pros and Cons

DIY Security System vs. Professional Security System - Pros and Cons | All Guard Alarm

With so many technological advances in the last decade, there are many choices for home security. Both professionals security systems and DIY systems offer improved home security, convenience, and remote smartphone access. How can you decide witch system to choose? Let’s compare: DIY Security Systems vs. Professional Security Systems. DIY Home Security Systems Pros: No Installation Fees- Your labor is free! With DIY home security systems, you save money by only paying for the security devices, not for professional setup.

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San Francisco Bay Area Violent and Property Crimes

2012 Bay Area Violent and Property Crime, sorted by violent and property crimes per 1,000 residents - All Guard Alarm

With the lovely climate, sweeping coastal vistas, proximity to wine country, and availability of high paying tech jobs, there are many benefits to living in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, there are some downsides too. According to the FBI, five of the ten most violent cities in California are located in the Bay Area and eight out of ten are located in Northern California. What can Bay Area residents do to protect themselves and their property? First, we’ll examine the different

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Spring Cleaning Safety


Springtime – the time of the year where the sun starts shining longer and brighter, but unfortunately also highlights the pesky specks of dust and dirt around your home. Before you pull out all the bottles, jars, and canisters of cleaning supplies from the cupboards, check that your rubber gloves are free from any holes and tears. If not, it might be time to replace them to avoid dry and cracked skin from hot water and various harsh cleaning agents.

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Protect Your Home and Valuables from Flooding and Water Damage


A devastating event such as indoor flooding is often due to just one faulty home appliance, and can bring thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. An unsuspected leak can also be a painful reminder that most homeowners’ insurance policies do not include flood damage. Being proactive can save a lot of headache – and money. Kitchen Look under the sink for any signs of leaks, and check behind and under the dishwasher and refrigerator for leaks or wet spots. Inspect

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