Top 4 Fire Safety Tips for Residents

Top 4 Home Fire Safety Tips | All Guard Alarm

  According to the National Fire Protection Association, the average home is likely to face 5 fires in a lifetime. Protect your home and your family by planning ahead. Here are our best fire safety tips for homes. They will help you learn how prevent fires and minimize the damage if a fire occurs: Home Fire Safety Starts with a Working Smoke Alarm According to the United States CDC, over one-third of home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke

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Safety Tips for the Next Earthquake

 7 Essential Earthquake Safety Tips | All Guard Alarm

The recent earthquake in Napa County literally jolted everyone in the Bay Area into the realization that most of us are not as prepared as we should be – considering that earthquakes can strike suddenly and with no warning at any time, day or night. When the next quake shakes the Bay Area, do you know what to do? Does your spouse? Your partner? Your children? The best way to prepare for an earthquake is to have a plan in

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10 Practical Back-to-School Safety Tips for Parents


As the end of summer draws near, back-to-school activities start taking priority in most homes throughout the Bay Area. Part of those activities should include familiarizing yourself with the safety and security of your child’s school and learning how the school handles emergencies. ASK YOUR CHILD Your child may be your best source for understanding and improving school safety, so ask if there are areas in or around the school that make him or her feel unsafe, and ask if

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10 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

Each year, fire departments across the US respond to nearly 50,000 home structure fires involving electrical failure or malfunction. Protect your home and family from burns, shocks, and fires by following these tips: Regularly check electric cords for wear and tear. Replace worn or frayed cords as damaged cords can cause shock, short circuit, or even start a fire Avoid overloading outlets. Plug only one high-wattage appliance into each receptacle outlet at a time and never “piggyback” extra appliances on

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Tips for Safe Water Conservation


With California experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record, most cities and counties throughout the Bay Area are calling for water conservation. Some counties have even mandated water restrictions such as limiting the amount of times you can water your lawn or wash your cars per week. There are relatively simple measures for conserving water that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. You can find amazing information online with websites such as offering tips on how

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