Child Safety in the Kitchen


Who, as a child, didn’t use the chest of drawers as a ladder, wanted to ‘help’ with the cooking, or jumped the last few steps running down the stairs. Yes, we lived to tell the tale but we also shudder at the things we did, and as adults we know now what didn’t know then – that it could have gone horribly wrong! Kids will always be kids; however, there are precautions you can take in your home, and especially

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Back to School Safety

All-Guard #backtoschool

Back-to-school is an exciting time for everyone – new books, new teachers, new clothes. It also provides a good opportunity to go over some basic safety procedures with your children to make their lives safer and to give you peace of mind. To and From School Whether your child walks or rides a bicycle, it is important that you teach your child to be alert and obey all traffic signs and signals. Teach him or her to take the most

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Alarm Keypad 101


Make Friends with your All-Guard Keypad No doubt you use your alarm keypad every day. Every time you leave your home, you arm your alarm system, and when you get back home, the first thing you do is disarm it. But do you know the difference between “Away”, “Stay”, and “Instant” on your keypad – and do you know how to bypass the guest bedroom because your guests like to sleep with the window open? Below is an overview of

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Bathroom Safety Tips


Our bathroom is our ‘safe haven’ – the place for hot bubble-baths after a stressful day and long showers after a strenuous workout. But do you know that outside of the kitchen, the bathroom is the place in your home that poses most threats to the safety of you and your family? In a few easy steps, you can truly make your bathroom a safe haven: Place slip resistant mats inside your tub and shower to prevent slipping, and install

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Residential Burglary Statistics – it CAN Happen to You

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Your home is your sanctuary, your place of comfort, your refuge from the world. The place, where you relax and unwind and where friends and family come to visit. Unfortunately, you can’t always control who comes to visit you. Especially, as unwanted visitors tend you visit you when you least expect it: Homes without security systems are 3 times more likely to get broken into A burglary occurs every 15 seconds The top three ways a burglar breaks in: front

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