Know Your Crime Stats and How They Can Help Protect You

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds. With crime rates like that, it’s paramount that homeowners take a proactive approach to protecting their families and safeguarding their valuables. Here’s a look at the current statistics and what they mean for protecting your home. Good Security Habits If residents don’t practice basic security habits, such as ensuring that all doors and first-level windows are locked before leaving the premises, they’re putting themselves at risk. Be sure not to make any extension ladders

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Security Systems for Homes Can Cover Your Windows, Too!

Windows are often an Achilles’ heel for home security. Most people simply don’t take the same approach to them as they do to doors and other access points. This occurs, in part, because homes tend to have many windows, but it also happens because windows, particularly those on upper floors, are seen as less of a risk. Good Security Habits The best California security systems are easily undermined if the family has poor security habits. Such problems are acutely evident

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​Find the Best Home Security System for Your Vacation Property


Imagine this: your long-awaited vacation is finally upon you. Your excitement for some much-needed R&R is building, but as you open the front door to your vacation home, you immediately become aware something is not quite right. Upon further scrutiny, you discover you’ve been victimized by vandals and/or home burglars. Nothing feels worse than having your personal security violated, especially in your (supposed) safe haven. So much for relaxation: this is not the way you want to begin your vacation.

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