Top 4 Fire Safety Tips for Residents

Top 4 Home Fire Safety Tips | All Guard Alarm

  According to the National Fire Protection Association, the average home is likely to face 5 fires in a lifetime. Protect your home and your family by planning ahead. Here are our best fire safety tips for homes. They will help you learn how prevent fires and minimize the damage if a fire occurs: Home Fire Safety Starts with a Working Smoke Alarm According to the United States CDC, over one-third of home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke

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Stay Safe While Enjoying Your Fireplace

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As a source of heat used by generations upon generations of Americans, today’s fireplaces are both decorative and warming. With at least one-third of all Americans employing fireplaces or wood-burning stoves as a source of heat in the home, the danger of uncontrolled fires and injury is a reality for millions of families. Common Reasons for Fireplace Malfunction The U.S. Fire Administration reports at least 36 percent of rural home fires start because of problems with a heating device. One

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