Top 4 Fire Safety Tips for Residents

Top 4 Home Fire Safety Tips | All Guard Alarm

  According to the National Fire Protection Association, the average home is likely to face 5 fires in a lifetime. Protect your home and your family by planning ahead. Here are our best fire safety tips for homes. They will help you learn how prevent fires and minimize the damage if a fire occurs: Home Fire Safety Starts with a Working Smoke Alarm According to the United States CDC, over one-third of home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke

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National Fire Prevention Week Targets Kitchen Safety and Fire Systems

The use of modern, monitored fire alarms in San Francisco is a crucial step toward optimal fire prevention in the area, but it isn’t the ONLY step. Awareness is just as important. If we’re conscious of prevention techniques in the home and workplace and proactive about observing them, then we can substantially reduce the number of deadly fires that occur each year. Fire Prevention Week The NFPA is a U.S. trade association that helps local government in San Francisco and

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California Fire and Safety by All-Guard


California fire and safety has come to the forefront recently due to a spike in deadly residential fires and statistics that indicate a woeful lack of even basic protection, such as smoke alarms. Fire prevention and detection are serious concerns for homeowners in San Francisco and throughout California. Ideally, prevention and detection measures should be integrated into the monitored, whole-house system used to protect one’s family and investments from burglary and other common residential threats. National Fire Protection Association The

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