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Fire Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, home
structure fires cause approximately 82% of civilian fire deaths and 74% of
civilian fire injuries.

First rule of survival – get out immediately!  You may have as little as one to two minutes
to escape, so it is imperative that you and your family have a well rehearsed
escape plan (see below for outline).

  • You must know how to escape your home in the dark (smoke is
    thick and dark, and limits visibility).
  • Stay as close to the floor as possible in a crawling
    position – the heat is significantly more intense at shoulder height.
  • Prearrange a meeting place a safe distance from your house,
    for all family members.
  • Gather those who
    need assistance (children, elderly residents).
  • Do not go back into a burning home for material objects –
    those can be replaced.
  • Do not try to fight the fire, just get out of the way of
  • Call 911 from the outside or a neighbor’s house.

General Outline for Your Home Safety Plan

  • Don’t jump out of bed.  Roll out of
    bed onto the floor.
  • Crawl to the door.
    Touch the door to see if it is hot.  If
    it’s hot, do not open it.  Find an
    alternate route.
  • Try the door.  If
    it is not hot, open the door a few inches to assess the situation.  If air behind it is warm, do not use the
    hallways.  Pull door shut and use an
    alternate escape route.
  • Instruct your children. Shout to your children to stay in
    their rooms with their doors closed. Remind them to open a window slightly and
    crouch at this window to gain fresh air.
  • If you are able to crawl to safety via the hallways, keep
    your head about one to two feet off the floor. Cover your mouth with a wet
    cloth, and take short, shallow breaths.
  • Have a sturdy ladder that can reach second story windows
    available outside of your house. Keep ladder in a place that is secure from
  • Keep an escape ladder secured at the window of each
    bedroom above the first level, and be sure that family members know how to use
  • Never jump out of a window in a panic. Try to remain
  • Plan ahead!
    Planning in advance can save your family’s lives. Work out primary and
    secondary routes of escape, and review these plans.  Be clear.
    Quiz your children on all points and rehearse your plan.
  •  In the event that your clothing catches fire, remember the
    phrase “STOP, DROP and ROLL.”

Special Note to
Apartment Dwellers:

If you live in an apartment, you should know the locations
of the stairway and fire exits outside of your apartment building. Never use
the elevator during a fire. It could break down or bring you right to the
source of the fire. Always use the stairs in a fire emergency.

You should still have a plan in place and be prepared to
react, evaluate the situation, and make a decision on how to get yourself out
of danger.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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