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For Peace Of Mind Install Panic Alarms For Lone Workers

Today’s economy doesn’t afford much latitude when it comes to determining how many workers you need. Often times it’s a matter of how many can you afford, rather than need. For businesses that keep employees working at unusual hours, or in environments or industries where crime is a possibility, safety shouldn’t be forfeited for profits. Having a security system installed with a panic alarm or panic button could be the workforce gap filler that you need.

Having a panic alarm for a lone worker might actually be safer, and is certainly more cost effective than hiring a second person for the same shift.

There are different kinds of panic alarms, just as there are security systems. One kind of alarm is commonly referred to as a panic button. It’s just that, a button that when activated sends a signal to the monitoring service that emergency personnel is needed at the location. They can be either wired or wireless. Wired can be costly because they require cable to be run to the button, but wireless is rendered ineffective if the batteries are left unchecked and fail.  One other advantage to a wireless button is that it can be placed anywhere at any time, some can even be carried with the employee, such as in the case of a security guard who patrols a location.

Another kind of panic alarm is a duress alarm. This can be used in conjunction with a panic button as well. This is a code that when entered into the keypad it alerts the monitoring center that immediate help is needed. You’re probably thinking, “If I could get to the keypad, I’d just call 911 for help”. However what if you are closing for the day and are met by someone who forces you back into the building with the intention of robbing the place, or worse, and tells you to disengage the security system? With the duress code you put in instead of the real code sends for help, unannounced to the criminal.

Several different trigger systems exist as well. For example, your security guard runs into a couple of drunks who wont leave, it’s not exactly an emergency, but it might require additional help. Your employee would have the option of sending a different signal to the center that basically says, “I have a situation, nobody is in danger, but I’d like a little back up.” The Center sends a cruiser to assist. Another type of trigger is also a dual button system. This is more of a safe guard against accidental engagement. Both buttons will need to be engaged simultaneously to activate the panic alarm. Since the idea of a panic button is to covertly alert for help, you wont know until law enforcement shows up that you’ve set the panic alarm. This can be costly in some states or municipalities.

Give yourself and your employees piece of mind, install a panic button.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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