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The Future of the Home Security

Like many of the technologies and systems in our everyday lives, home security technology is rapidly changing. Is it possible to have a smart home and security at the same time? Some features of a secure home remain the same, like solid exterior doors and strong deadbolts. Other security features were unheard of 30 years ago, like remote lighting control. Older hardwired security systems are being replaced by nimble, wireless systems that offer convenience and accessibility along with security.

The Future of the Home Security System is Increasing Home Automation

Every 15 sec a San Francisco Bay Area resident is victim of a property crime.Thieves try to target empty homes. Most burglaries happen during the day when residents are at work. Home automation systems can make your home look occupied with a light automation system that turns lights on at specific times or intervals. Automation can also turn on the television or a sound system to give the illusion that someone is home. You can also set temperature schedules to automatically change the thermostat before coming home from work or vacation.

Smart Locks for Keyless Home Entry

There are several companies, August, Kevo, Goji, currently seeking to change the old key and lock procedure with a smartphone compatible keyless door locks. The idea id that your can walk right up to your home’s door, walk in, and have the door lock behind you without ever touching or unlocking anything. Everyone in the family has access and you can even create temporary and time bound shared locks to let in friends or the housekeeper. This technology is currently in the beginning stages and has some bugs to work out in terms of dependability and ease of use. Smart Lock technology will be a security segment to watch.

August SmartLock - Future of the Home Security Systems | All Guard Alarm Systems

Individual Recognition

Many people already choose to protect their homes with outdoor cameras, wireless cameras, and nanny cams. There are now Wi-Fi cameras with sound, motion, and facial recognition capabilities. They can recognize who is supposed to be there, your children, and alert you to the presence of an unauthorized individual, such as the babysitter’s boyfriend. In addition to facial recognition software, there are also smart motion sensors that will ignore the presence of a moving body under a certain weight limit, so that you can protect your home with motion sensors even if you have pets.

Drop Cam - The Furture of the home security system | All Guard Alarm

Smartphone Control

So how do you access all of these new systems? Smartphones. Integrated home automation systems with smartphone access allow people to access their home’s security and automation systems remotely, with just a couple swipes. This can include accessing live feed cameras so you can view what is going on in real time instead of reviewing video later. Convenience and accessibility are the two greatest features of the developing security systems of the future.

iPhone6 - The future of home security | All Guard Alarm System

With all of the options available today, and new technology being released every day, the future of home security looks bright. By choosing a reputable security company and carefully reviewing the new technology, it is possible to have a convenient, smart home and security too. All-Guard Alarm Systems carefully curates our home security options to give our customers accessible, innovative home security systems while providing the highest possible level of protection. Remember that homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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