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How to Create an Emergency Escape Plan

Every home needs an emergency (fire/earthquake) escape plan.  Here are the steps to create a plan:

Step 1 – Draw a map of your house.  You can use a computer – aided drawing program or pencil and paper.  Graph paper is easier to use than plain computer paper.  Draw a map of your house that includes every room.  The drawing does not need to be to scale but does need to include all doors, windows and stairs.

Step 2 – Walk through the house and take note of any obstructions, doors and fire hazards.  If needed plan routes away from the hazards or better yet, remove the hazards from your home is possible.  Make sure nothing obscures exits to your home.

Step 3 – On your map mark windows, doors, stairs, porches and balconies.  Check to make sure all doors and windows open.  Make sure older windows are not painted shut or jammed closed.  Keep roll up fire ladders near upstairs windows.

Step 4 – Identify at least two routes from every room to the outside.  Draw at least two exits from every room on your escape plan.  Find the shortest route possible to an exit.  This may mean breaking a window or climbing out an upstairs window.  Don’t forget to have accessible roll up ladders near upstairs windows.

Step 5 – Make plans for rescuing anyone who needs help.  If there is an infant in the house or someone who has mobility impairments, you need to have plans t get them out.  Plan the route the designated person will take to help them exit the house.

Step 6 – Don’t forget about your pets.  Have a designated person(s) to make sure your pets get out of your home safely.

Step 7 –Designate and outside meeting spot where everyone will meet in the event of a fire.  This helps make sure that everyone has made it out of the house and can prevent a potentially tragic rescue attempt for someone who made it out of the home.


Step 8 – Practice, practice, practice.

Step 9 – If you remodel or make changes to your home re-draw your plan.

In the event of a fire/earthquake make sure to stay calm and get out of the house right away.  If you have an All-Guard fire alarm we will call and dispatch the fire department as soon as we receive a signal from your smoke alarm, heat detector, and/or sensor attached to your fire sprinkler system.  If you do not have a fire alarm system in your home please call All-Guard today at 800.255.4273.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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