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I Have an Alarm System, Why do I Need a Panic Alarm for My Home

A panic button or panic alarm is quite different than a security system. It’s part of the system, but its function is completely different.

Typically a burglar alarm is not activated when there is someone present. This is particularly true of homes. As opposed to a business where the alarm is to be activated as part of the closing routine every night, some homeowners only set their alarm if they intend to be gone for a time frame that they think a robbery could happen. Often times homeowners don’t even set their alarms when they just run a 30-minute errand. If the homeowner were to come home in the middle of the intrusion it could make for a dangerous situation for them. The security system can not very well be set at this point. You might be able to quietly back out and call for help, but the odds of the intruder noticing you before you notice them are highly likely. After all, they are aware of the possibility of you coming in; you however, do not expect them to be in your home.

A panic button at this point would be very helpful to you. Hopefully with any luck, when they see you, they’ll leave, but should the situation escalate would it be somewhat reassuring to know that law enforcement is on their way?

A panic button does not just send a random signal to the monitoring center. It sends a signal that tells the monitor that this is not the cat and the motion detector being set off, this is a situation where a serious crisis is occurring and law enforcement is positively needed. They are not going to call your home and verify that you haven’t made a mistake, they are getting you help.

A duress code works similarly to a panic button. It covertly alerts the monitoring station that there is a situation of grave danger and help is needed. This code however, must be entered into the keypad. It is of particular use when you are followed into your home and instructed to disengage the system. You can covertly enter the code and disengage the siren or the audible alarm, but the alert to the station is still sent. The intruder isn’t wise of what’s just happened. Again, this is not some random call for help on accident. The monitoring center knows you have entered this code under duress and will inform law enforcement of that.

So having a panic button or panic alarm for home doesn’t sound quite as useless as it did when you asked the question “Why do I need one?” does it?

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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