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Keep Safe in the Summer Months with Wireless Home Security and Common Sense

totalconnect_lake_revCrime rates can increase up to 16% during the summer months. While reasons for this occurrence are still in question, it can most likely be attributed to summertime opportunities, careless homeowners and youths and young adults with too much unstructured free time. Homeowners can easily adopt a carefree attitude during the summertime and burglars are not keeping warm indoors. With a few common sense solutions and alarm monitoring services, homeowners can keep their homes and their families safe.


In the summer, people will often open their upstairs windows to let in cool, night air. Second floor windows might not be a problem at night when the family is at home, but people often forget to secure them when they leave for work or errands. During the day, burglars have plenty of time to find a ladder in the homeowner’s garage to reach the upper floors and even worse, upper floors are sometimes not wired into the alarm monitoring service. Some homeowners also have window air conditioner units, which can be open invitations for burglars to enter the home. Secure all windows before leaving the home, even on the second floor, and consider wiring all windows in the home.

Unlocked Doors

Kids may be running in and out of the home or the homeowner may leave the door open or unlocked while gardening in the back; this gives a burglar the perfect opportunity to slip into the home. Train children to habitually lock the door after them and be sure to do the same even when taking a small trip into the yard or to the store. It may seem excessive, but burglars look for crimes of opportunity, so don’t give it to them.


Avoid letting door-to-door salespeople in your home, even for a quote. This time of year, criminals and scam artists are out in the neighborhoods and inviting them in your home allows them to take a quick look around and form a plan.

Social Media

Homeowners should resist the urge to post to social media sites about when they’ve left their home until after they’ve returned, especially if it’s for an extended length of time. Criminals don’t even have to be strangers, so be leery of posting about your location, even if you have your privacy settings set.


To give the impression that your house is occupied, attach a timer to your indoor and outdoor lights. All-Guard’s home automation system takes it even one step further; it will let you manage your lights, temperature controls, and door locking device from anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection.

Protect your home during the seasonal crime increase with the proper technology, preventative measures and common sense. All-Guard can certainly help with the technology end of your protection, so contact us for all your home security needs.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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