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Security Systems for Homes Can Cover Your Windows, Too!

Windows are often an Achilles’ heel for home security. Most people simply don’t take the same approach to them as they do to doors and other access points. This occurs, in part, because homes tend to have many windows, but it also happens because windows, particularly those on upper floors, are seen as less of a risk.

Good Security Habits

The best California security systems are easily undermined if the family has poor security habits. Such problems are acutely evident when it comes to windows. For example, if you’re at home and want to open some windows, remember to close them when you leave the room and ensure that the windows themselves have external locking devices so that they cannot be opened more than a few inches. Make it a habit of checking all windows each night before going to bed. Consider what type of equipment you leave lying around your home as well. For example, a carelessly placed ladder can present a significant security issue.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

The ideal security systems for home use are monitored 24-7 by a central monitoring station. For a quality burglar alarm, make sure your home security includes contacts on all windows and exit doors, and glass break sensors strategically placed throughout the home; these components are connected to the monitored system. This way, when a window alarm activates, you’re assured that a proper response occurs.

High-Security Latches and Hardware

Consider your existing window hardware and whether or not it needs to be upgraded for better security. Latches alone are not enough. A properly secured window should employ a latch in combination with a locking mechanism, and all hardware should conform to high-security standards and be installed by a professional locksmith.

Breakage Detection

For additional protection against the determined intruder, invest in glass breakage sensors. The sound of breaking glass alone is not enough to alert neighbors or act as a deterrent for the intruder; however, the sound will trigger the glass break sensor. Keep in mind that there are ways to cut and break glass without making much noise at all, so glass breakage sensors will help you protect your home against these savvy criminals.

Window-Oriented Motion Sensing

Placing motion detectors at windows ensures they’re as well protected as they can be. All-Guard Alarm Systems can determine the most suitable locations for these detectors and install them appropriately. If a burglar manages to circumvent all other aspects of the system, the motion sensor will be able to announce his or her presence.

Monthly DIY Window Checks

Residential California security systems should be tested with the monitoring company on a monthly basis. Take this opportunity to test the windows as well. Windows should be visibly examined each month. Check for imperfections in the glass and any loosening or wear of the frame or hardware.

Annual Reassessment

At least once a year, take advantage of the chance to reassess your system and your home’s security requirements Over time, the security needs of your family and home will change, and it’s necessary to account for those changes. You can request for a professional assessment from All-Guard Alarm Systems as well.

All-Guard Alarm Systems

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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