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Six Tips to Prevent Bicycle Theft

As the economy struggles, criminals are becoming more desperate and savvy. They‘ll take advantage of any opportunity to get ahead and bicycles are easy prey. In addition, more people are turning to bicycle use and quality bikes are worth a pretty penny. FBI figures estimate losses of $350,000,000 in bike theft each year, proving that this commonly-overlooked belonging is a hot commodity. Protect yourself and your bike to avoid being a victim.

1. Keep a Record

Make a note of your bike’s serial number, usually found on the underside of the bottom bracket shell where the pedals connect. Keep a picture of your bike with your records as well. Research your community’s bike registration service, if they offer one, and take advantage of it. There are also several online resources that allow you to register your bike’s serial number such as the National Bike Registry and that can assist in recovering your bike if it’s ever taken.

2. Plan Ahead

If you are going for a long ride and plan to stop to eat somewhere, make sure you bring your lock. If you are going to visit friends and want your bike along for the ride, ask about a spot where you can store your bike during your stay. If your bike is going to be hooked to your car, make sure it is secure and locked down.

3. Lock it Up

If your bike is going to be out in the open, you need to put a lock on it; U-locks are the best and most effective type of lock. If you use a chain or cable, they can be snipped but U-locks are durable and tough to crack. For extra protection, use more than one. Be sure to lock your bike frame and wheels to an immovable object. Just locking your wheels so it can’t be ridden away is not enough; a bike can easily be picked up and thrown in the back of a pickup truck.

4. Carefully Choose Your Location

Deciding whether or not to leave your bike somewhere more secluded with less traffic seems like a double edged sword; seclusion means it’s less noticeable, but in the event that it’s noticed by a thief, passersby or law enforcement is less likely to act as a deterrent or see the crime in action. Consider a commercial parking garage since these tend to offer a good balance of seclusion and law enforcement patrol. If you can take your bike inside your workplace or other destination, do so. Use bike racks when available, but be sure to still lock it up.

5. Protect Your Bicycle at Home

When you return home, it’s easy to fall into a false sense of security and leave your bicycle out in the open, unsecured. If at all possible, bring it inside a garage or at least on the porch. If you’re one to leave your garage door open often, be sure to lock your bike so thieves won’t snatch it from inside your garage. Quality CA security systems on your premises are a wise investment; they’ll help to detect a home invasion and alert authorities. You can also have the added security of installing a home security camera, which serves several beneficial purposes, including guarding your bike, deterring burglars and providing you with video footage in the event of a theft. If you are the unfortunate victim of a burglary, the authorities may be able to use your video footage from your home security camera to catch the culprit and return your valuables. In addition, you’re more likely to get more reimbursement from home insurance companies when there is hard evidence of a theft.

6. Downplay Your Bike’s Value

You can always make your bike look like it is worth less than it is. If thieves think that your bike is somewhat shabby, they are more likely to pass it by. You can cover the brand name with a decal and paint your bike an unusual color scheme. Likewise, don’t draw unnecessary attention to your bike.

As a leader in CA security systems, All-Guard Alarm Systems knows that whether you’re an avid cyclist or simply enjoy the pastime, your bicycle is important to you. It may be a major investment, your primary mode of transportation or have great sentimental value. One this is for sure: you don’t want to risk losing your bike to theft. Implement these bicycle security measures to protect your property and keep it with its rightful owner.

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*Calls to and from All-Guard may be recorded or monitored without further notice to you, for record-keeping, and quality-assurance purposes.
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