Comprehensive Monitoring That Never Rests

Protect your commercial property with 24/7 professional monitoring. Our central station is backed by trusted, caring professionals ready to act and deploy help quickly.

Monitoring of all types of alarms over a wide array of communications paths (digital, cellular, IP & interactive monitoring solutions, including KeepYourIP)

  • UL2050 Monitoring
  • GCSNET Mesh Radio
  • 2-way voice and elevator monitoring
  • Emergency and area of refuge telephone monitoring
  • Video Verification monitoring solutions
  • Personal emergency response (PERS) & Mobile personal emergency response (MPERS)
  • Automated customer notifications – IVR, SMS, email, and chat service

Our services include

Have an Existing Security System? No Problem!

Comprehensive Monitoring That Never Rests

At All Guard, we understand the importance of safeguarding your Santa Rosa business. From break-ins and vandalism to fire and gas leaks, threats to your property and employees can arise at any moment. That’s why we offer the most advanced commercial alarm monitoring solutions in the industry, designed to provide comprehensive peace of mind.

24/7 Protection and Rapid Response:

Our state-of-the-art alarm systems go beyond basic detection. They can identify unauthorized entry, fire hazards, gas leaks, and other emergencies with pinpoint accuracy. The moment an alarm is triggered, a signal is instantly sent to our UL-listed central monitoring station, staffed by highly trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These specialists will immediately assess the situation and take appropriate action, which may include:

  • Notifying you directly, allowing you to take control.
  • Dispatching security personnel to investigate and secure the premises.
  • Contacting emergency services like fire departments or law enforcement in case of critical situations.

Beyond Intrusion Detection: A Layered Security Approach

All Guard’s commercial alarm monitoring goes beyond simply reacting to threats. We believe in a proactive approach to security. Our systems can integrate seamlessly with custom video surveillance solutions, allowing you to monitor your property remotely and deter potential criminals. Additionally, we can offer access control systems, granting entry only to authorized personnel. This layered security approach creates a comprehensive shield for your business, mitigating risks, preventing losses, and ensuring smooth operations.

Commercial Monitoring Near Me

Don’t wait for a security breach to disrupt your Northern California business and cause financial hardship. By partnering with All Guard, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property, employees, and valuable assets are constantly protected. Contact All Guard today for a free consultation, and let us design a custom security solution tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to helping you create a safe and secure environment for your business to thrive.

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