Commercial Fire and Life Safety Systems in Santa Rosa

All Guard offers robust fire and life safety solutions to safeguard your people and assets.

  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Design, Drafting, and Plan Submittal
  • Ideal for Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Retail, Commercial, and Government Facilities
  • Professional Central Station Monitoring

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Fire and Life Safety Systems
In Santa Rosa

At All Guard, we understand the critical role fire and life safety systems play in protecting your Northern California business. We’re a leading provider of advanced technologies, offering customized solutions to meet your facility’s specific needs.

Our comprehensive systems are designed to detect, alert, and respond to potential hazards. We utilize cutting-edge technology like addressable fire alarm systems to pinpoint the exact location of a fire, enabling faster response times and minimizing property damage. Additionally, seamless integration with your building management system and emergency services ensures a coordinated response. Upon alarm activation, occupants are alerted, while first responders are automatically notified, facilitating a swift evacuation.

All Guard goes beyond alarms. We offer a complete range of fire and life safety services, including:

  • Smoke Detector Installation and Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm System Design, Installation, and Testing
  • Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance and Inspections
  • Sprinkler System Supervision

Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to ensuring your facility complies with all applicable fire codes. We provide ongoing maintenance and inspections to guarantee your systems function flawlessly when needed most.

Choose All Guard for:

  • Customized fire and life safety solutions
  • Advanced technology for faster response times
  • Seamless integration with building systems and emergency services
  • Comprehensive service by certified professionals
  • Peace of mind knowing your employees and property are protected

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