Tips for Safe Water Conservation


With California experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record, most cities and counties throughout the Bay Area are calling for water conservation. Some counties have even mandated water restrictions such as limiting the amount of times you can water your lawn or wash your cars per week. There are relatively simple measures for conserving water that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. You can find amazing information online with websites such as offering tips on how

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10 Easy Steps to Sun Safety

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Summer is all about having fun in the sun and spending time outdoors with family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s also during those moments that we are most vulnerable to sun damage. The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause permanent cellular damage such as age spots, wrinkles, eye problems – and most important of all, skin cancer. Still, only about 70% of all adults admit to using some sort of sun protection. There are simple everyday steps you can take to

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Did you Know Some of the Leading Causes of Property Claims are Due to Water Damage?


Water damage can happen at any time! In fact, there are more property insurance claims due to damage by water leakage, temperature extremes, improper humidity, and power failure annually than any burglary or fire. Sudden floods and leaks can lead to ruined carpets, warped wood floors, damaged cabinetry, and unhealthy mold infestations – all of which takes both time and money to fix. According to the insurance information institute, the average loss claim from environmental damage is $3000. However, there

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Someone Knocks on your Door – Should you be Alarmed?

Front Porch

You should at least be alert. Especially if that someone knocking on your door turns out to be a less-than-truthful sales representative from a residential alarm company. They are usually well-dressed, well-spoken, and well-determined to get you to sign up for their alarm system – right there and then even if it means using deceitful sales tactics to do so. Not all sales representatives use deceptive measures in order to convince you to buy their products; however, the ones to

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National Safety Month – June 2014

Each June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month as a time to bring attention to key safety issues. With a bit of planning, you can help reducing the risk of the following safety issues: Week 1: Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse If you or a family member receives a prescription for these types of drugs, take these steps to prevent drug misuse: Always follow the doctor recommended dosage Keep medications in their original container, up & away from the

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